Web Idol 2006

Musings on the Institutional Web Management Workshop IWMW 2006 in Bath, UK

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Web 2.0: Behind the Hype: Chair: Lawrie Phipps - Paul Miller, Scott Wilson and Brian Kelly

Paul Miller - Library 2.0
Paul referred to a study by the OCLC on users perceptions of libraries and info resources - concluded that they trust them - 89% - highest os all resources ... Noted that keyword seraching fairly new ... Talis have paper coming out about Library 2.0 about opening the library up ... Plymouth State Univ have blog over the library opac- has been successful ... mentioned Greasmonkey Amazon plugin - shows whether the book your searcg for is in the library within the Amazon page .. Ann Arbour library shows online library records on a old fashioned style library that can be annotated by users ... showed Google Maps mash-up that can search directly into the library from Google Maps ... Encouraged all to add their libraries to the Talis directory.

Scott Wilson - Web 2.0: A Learning and Teaching Viewpoint
2 way read/write web ... XCRI - RSS for prospectuses = formal learning ... 43 Things, mecanbe, = informal learning ... What are the implications for institutions of these informal networks? ... Most VLEs don't allow students to create their own groups outside of course and institional boundaries (Moodle does to some degree) ...

Brian Kelly - Being Web 2.0 in 30 Minutes
'No web 2.0 without responsibility' according to Andy Clarke ... Grazr OPML viewer ...mentioned Superglu ... Gabbly Chat ... Skpe ... Microformats. Owen Stephens (the other blogger) asked how we can rely on these services. Brian repsonded that have to accespt the risk and things being good enough, alternatives etc.

[I think my impending SMIL session was on my mind at this point so these notes are even more sketchy than the others]


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